Rainbow Hub School is now open.


Rainbow Hub School is an independent special school for children aged 5-11 with neuro-disabilities including cerebral palsy.

We believe that every child is entitled to an engaging, challenging and personalised curriculum which meets their unique profile of needs.

How we differ from other special schools

  • We can meet physical needs but also offer academic challenges.
  • We understand how children with brain injuries should be taught.
  • We have staff who are experienced in working with children who have brain injuries.

Our Curriculum

  • Academic Skills
  • Physical Challenge
  • Independence and Self Care
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Communication and Interaction

Admission Process, Criteria and Fees

  • All admission referrals and enquiries are considered on an individual basis and are subject to an assessment process.
  • Families can fund a place privately for a child -fees are available on request.
  • Rainbow Hub school is most likely to be appropriate for children whose primary need is a significant physical one as a result of damage to their central nervous system.

We provide an enriching, caring and safe family environment for our pupils to flourish and achieve their potential. Pupils will be challenged to use their mind and body with increasing efficiency to enable effective learning in every developmental area. We aim to provide a platform for life beyond Rainbow Hub School, developing independence, resilience, and skills for life.

Physical therapists who can help pupils with mobility issues or other physical disabilities improve their motor function and independence.

A caring, nurturing and exciting environment where all pupils achieve and enjoy a wonderful learning journey.

A wide range of enrichment activities that enhance pupils’ learning experience by providing opportunities to learn new skills, develop new interests and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom.

Make the next step & give your child a unique opportunity to develop!

Explore Rainbow Hub School’s specialised education for children with disabilities. Download our prospectus to discover 20 years of expertise in holistic well-being, nurturing environments, and a supportive community.

Join us on this educational journey.


Our Location

Located in a beautiful rural setting in the quiet village of Mawdesley, Lancashire, Rainbow Hub School is situated in the main building with easy but secure access and plenty of parking.

We have extensive outdoor space, sensory room and soft play area with access to the other therapies including conductive education.

Make the next step & give your child a unique opportunity to develop!